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Five Tips to Save Money on Foods Costs


1. If you pay your credit card bill off every month, use a cash back or rewards card to buy your groceries. I use a card from Amazon that gives me rewards in the form of gift certificates based on how much I charge each month. I pay the card off every month so I never incur any finance charges. I use the gift certificates to make my own household purchases or use them to buy birthday and Christmas gifts.

2. Send for free samples and coupons by visiting major food company web sites. You can often get free samples for new products, gift certificates in return for filling out product surveys, coupons, free sweepstakes entries and many more promotional offers just by registering on food company site. Hint: Use a free email address when you register so your personal email address doesn't get filled up with advertising emails. Click here for an article with tips on using coupons effectively.

3. Stock up on nonperishable items you normally use when they are on sale. It's hard to beat the rate of return on buy one - get one free offers. Stacking up on sales good is one of the best investments you can make with your money. For example, If you take $1.00 and invest it at 6% interest, after one year you would have made a whopping 6 cents. If you buy a product for a dollar and get another comparable product for free, that's like making 100 cents, or a 100% interest on your money, which is obviously a much better return than a 6% investment. On one product it doesn't make much difference to your total food budget, as in this case your difference is only 94 cents. But if you can save 94 cents on 5 products in a week by stocking up, that comes out to $4.70 a week, or $244.40 in a year. Visit this site for more strategies to save money on your food budget.

4. If you don't have room to stock up on sale products, take a good look around your house for any empty space. We live in a two story house and, at the suggestion of a contractor, put in a door under our lower staircase to use the space for storage. Before that, the area had just been enclosed, empty wasted space with no access from the rest of the house.

5. Another option for getting more space to stockpile sale goods would be to clear out your unneeded clutter, such as appliances you no longer use, clothes that haven't fit in years, books you've already read, toys your kids have outgrown, etc. You can sell these items at a garage sale for extra cash, or donate them to be used by someone who may really need them.


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